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Sequential Trading Signals

Signaplex generates fifty proprietary daily sequential trading signals, to help investors evaluate potential trades. These signals use algorithms validated with data that is sourced and qualified using proprietary and independent sources.

You can evaluate the signals’ fundamentals and decide whether you would like to use them or not.

Nothing guarantees future performance (and Signaplex certainly does not) but these signals can help you evaluate the available equity trading opportunities.

Signaplex’s daily sequential stock trading signals are grouped in 2 types:

UP trends and DOWN trends.

The 5 signal categories, POWER, SPEED, LIFT, PITCH, and SLOPE are described below.
POWER Signal

POWER signals correlate to the beginning of a potential trend.

The POWER signal serves as your window to the beginning of a potential market trend, whether it's an UP or DOWN trend. This signal is meticulously crafted to identify those critical moments when a new trend may be emerging. It's akin to the first rays of dawn in the world of trading, offering you insights into opportunities that are just starting to take shape. By recognizing these nascent trends, you can position yourself strategically for potentially favorable outcomes.

SPEED Signal

SPEED signals correlate to an early trend.

In the dynamic world of financial markets, timing is everything. The SPEED signal at Signaplex is designed to correlate with an early trend, whether it's heading UP or DOWN. It's like catching a fresh breeze before it turns into a strong wind. By providing you with insights into market movements at this stage, the SPEED signal empowers you to make timely decisions, optimizing your potential for success. It's your early-warning system, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve.

LIFT Signal

LIFT signals correlate to the start of a trend.

The LIFT signal is all about identifying the start of a trend, whether it's UP or DOWN. It's like spotting the first few steps of a rocket before it launches into space. This signal is meticulously crafted to recognize those assets that are poised for significant movement. By leveraging the LIFT signal, you can position yourself at the threshold of potential growth opportunities, ensuring that you don't miss out on assets with the potential to make substantial moves.

PITCH Signal

PITCH signals correlate to an established trend.

Once a trend is established, the PITCH signal steps in to provide you with valuable insights, whether the trend is UP or DOWN. Think of it as the moment when a ship finds its course and sails steadily. PITCH signals are tailored to assess trends that have gained traction and are moving with confidence. By leveraging this signal, you can focus on assets that exhibit stability and the potential for sustained growth or decline, allowing you to make informed investment decisions.

SLOPE Signal

SLOPE signals correlate to a sustained trend.

In the world of trading, consistency is key, and that's precisely what the SLOPE signal is all about, whether the trend is UP or DOWN. It correlates with a sustained trend, akin to a river that flows steadily over time. SLOPE signals are designed to identify assets with reliable and consistent performance. By incorporating the SLOPE signal into your strategy, you can pinpoint stocks with enduring trends, providing you with the confidence to make informed investment choices, regardless of the direction of the trend.

Synergy of Signals

When combined, the POWER, SPEED, LIFT, PITCH, and SLOPE signals form a powerful orchestra of insights in the world of trading.

Each signal plays a unique role in the symphony of market analysis, and together, they create a harmonious blend of analysis at various stages of market dynamics.

Traders can use them to identify opportunities, time their decisions, and assess the stability of assets, whether in an upward or downward direction.